Saturday, January 19, 2013

Blog Post #1

Yours Truly

         I’ll try and keep it short and sweet. First my name is Charlene Wiggins and I am 24 years old. I was born and raised in Bay Minette, Alabama and have only traveled to neighboring states. I know it seems a bit boring but I live an interesting life. I am newly engaged to a wonderful man named Keith Beasley and between the two of us we have five beautiful children. I am sure you will hear a lot about them over the semester; after all they are my life. Miranda, Christian, Anna, Jayd, and Reece were all part of my motivation and inspiration to fulfill my dreams and become the teacher I always desired to be. I give much effort to be involved in all of their activities, after all that’s when I gain most of my knowledge for my future career. A loving woman named Debra Whatley adopted me as her own when I was two weeks old. I am extremely family oriented. I have always been used to a large family. I am the only girl of five brothers and I have sixteen nephews and nieces!

         I have recently picked up a few new hobbies. When I’m not running around from the kid’s school and my school or having family gatherings, I love attempting crafts from Pinterest. I love sewing, painting, drawing, and researching new art projects to do with our kids. Although I have never been much of a fitness person I discovered last semester during weight training that working out is a great way for me to relax and have “me” time. This is the basics but it doesn’t come close to the complexities of my life!

In the Classroom

          I am looking forward to becoming a leader in children’s lives. I have realized with our “Brady Bunch” that all kids learn differently. I realize that teaching elementary students I am the beginning of their education and that I will serve as the foundation for their outlook on school. I want to build my classroom around my students. I plan to involve each and every child in discussions, give positive but constructive feedback, and to give them many options of hands on activities daily.

         Involving the children in open discussions can not only help them voice their opinions but also get them accustomed to doing so. Many adults struggle with public speaking and I believe in starting children early so they can become more comfortable with it. I would like them to acknowledge that no matter how small or big the situation their opinion is vitally important.

          Open classrooms also give teachers a chance to allow the children to think outside of the box. When a child has done something wrong I feel it’s better to point them in the right direction without telling them specific instructions but rather what the final product should be. This way the students are allowed to think for themselves instead of the teacher giving them answers.

          Kids often pay more attention when they are involved with experiments or projects first hand. I plan to do mostly all hands-on projects to allow them to encounter what could really happen in the real world. For instance, having a small store in my classroom filled with trinkets that the kids will be able to buy on a certain day with the points they have earned within the week will help teach them discipline, responsibility and a little math at the same time.

          Technology plays a big role in education today. I plan to introduce my students to as many programs and devices as I have to offer. I believe that within a year when I am a qualified teacher that technology will become more advanced. I plan to use tablets, computers, and even involve game consoles like the Wii. I want the students to realize that the world and the details in between are readily available through a quick touch of the button.

Paush on Time Management

          Time management is vital part of adulthood. When watching Paush's Time Management Video you can see he set out certain actions one can take to help achieve everyday goals. He says one should live by a to-do list. When starting to complete the to-do list you should always do the least fun first. That way it is out of the way. It’s obvious once you complete the worst task it will become much easier to finish the rest. It’s important to stick to the list or else procrastination will sneak in.

          While completing the to-do list you should always keep in mind why you are doing it. What accomplishments will you make once you complete the list? I believe you can use his advice in many situations for instance I make a list every day. Sometimes multiple lists a day. I normally have one for school work and one for home tasks. If I don’t complete them the day I make the list I try to complete them the next day. If it weren’t for lists I would be confused and lost! Keeping in mind the keen satisfaction that I feel once a task is done is what keeps me going!

Penn State

          Penn State's Learning Page gives great detail on how to make a schedule and stick to it. I try daily to keep up with small chores so that I don’t get behind but since I have stopped working I have so much free time it’s hard to discipline myself. Within this website it gives examples as to what one should do when organizing time like focus on one thing at a time while trying to complete the most hideous task first. You should know yourself enough to know when it is best for you to complete homework. You should always remove all distractions like cell phones TV or people. This is just the beginning of the tips Penn State's Learning Page has to offer. These tips are a great help in planning everyday life and will be put to good use while I'm a student and when I’m a teacher!

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