Tuesday, April 23, 2013

C4K Summary for April

Mackenzie G.

         My eighth C4K was for Mackenzie, an eighth grade student from Iowa in Mr. Boylen's Language Arts class. In her latest blog she had to summarize "The Fault In Our Stars" by John Green. She tells that this novel is about a young girl going through stage 4 thyroid cancer. Her parents make her go through therapy in which she me3ets new people and one person by the name Augustus Waters catches her eyes.
         I enjoyed reading Mackenzie's short summary and she has left me wanting to read this book! In my comment I made sure to tell her that she did a great job in telling about the book but not giving away to much detail. By doing this she has made the book appealing to me and I'm sure many others!


         My ninth C4K was for Brayden, a sixth grade student in Mr.Chamberlain's class. In his latest post he wrote a creative story of how Mr.Chamberlain did not go to an education convention, instead, he went to the Caribbean Islands on a cruise with his wife and four kids! In his story Mr. Chamberlain returns to his "fat boy recliner" where he stays watching t.v. and eats until he gaines four pounds.
When leaving my comment I told him that I loved the masked humor of how his teacher "plops down" to eat Twix ice cream while watching House after a vacation in the Caribbean Islands! I also added that I bet Mr. Chamberlain was probably happy to back to his normal life in his lazy boy instead of being stuck in a small crowded cabin with six family members! Then I asked him where would you like to go on your vacation?

Jess's Joyful Blog

          My tenth C4K was for Jess, a student in 4km from Leopold Australia. The two latest post on her blog went together as a guessing game. The first post was about her new idea of taking a picture of a famous person and then distorting the image to where it has a different look. Then she has viewers guess as to who the famous person is. The second post of course list who the person is and gives the name of the person who guessed correctly. She also asked for viewers opinions of her new ides. I left a comment on the most recent post and told her I loved her idea. I noticed she likes playing the guitar so I asked her if she could use the same concept and distort the sound of her guitar and have people guess what song it was. I hope to see her reply because I would love to hear her play!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Blog Post #14

Teacher Knows if You Have Done the E-Reading

"Big Brother" is the best way to put it. This article discusses how teachers can easily log in and see if and when students read the E-Readers. It debates the "Big Brother" effect being appropriate for students. Students have different personal lives, different study habits and different schedules. Throughout this article debates are heard from a variety of students with these same issues. Teachers are confused because a number of students who don't open the E-Reader make passing grades whereas a number of students that visit E-Reader have failing grades. How can this be regulated? After all the students that show that they have not logged into E-Reader may study from different sources.

As a teacher I think the E-Reader is a good source to use when looking for techniques of teaching for the classroom. I would first look at the data given study habits vs. test scores. Once I go over these I then would know what needs to be discussed in class. I would maybe assign a certain passage from the E-Reader and have specific students tell about the passage during class. This may help the students participate and read about the topics.

As a Student I would appreciate the E-Reader. Yes, it may be a "Big Brother" system but this only weaves out the students that are not up to par in assignments. Just like the "Big Brother" system on our red lights, this is only an advantage to the people that obey the rules because it punishes the people that disobeys the rules. I feel this would be the same concept. I wouldn't not care if the teacher sees what I do as far as studying because I will do whats necessary to learn the information so I have nothing to hide.

Questions I would ask the teacher in article:
1. How did you approach the situation when you noticed that the student was not studying from the E-Reader?
2. Did you change your teaching habits after you realized that a number of students was not benefiting from the E-Readers the way they should?
3. Did you encourage the students to use the E-Reader before your discovery or did you believe the students would take it upon themselves to study this?
4. Does the E-reader really make a difference with your teaching or do you feel your job would require the same from you with or without the E-Reader?

Questions I would have for the students in article:
1. After the teacher confronted you did you change your study habits? If so, did you see a change in your grades after the change?
2. Do you feel you could learn just as much from the internet as the E-Reader and is it fair to have a company play "Big Brother" and decide if you have good/bad study habits just because the E-Reader shows you haven't logged in?
3. What is the Advantages/Disadvantages of the E-reader?

The comment I would leave for this post would be:
This is DEFINITELY "Big Brother". Looking at the "Big Brother" approach what exactly is the results of it? I believe it only points out the students that are behind on class reading/work. So as long as you accept the role of a student and know that you are responsible to complete assignments. Even if the only way reading is regulated is through the E-Reader a student should want to read the information for lesson. The reading offers topics that may not be covered during lecture so the student would only be cheating themselves.

Project #9

Final Report for PLN

My personal learning network has improved considerably this semester in EDM 310. I have found many people in and out of the education field who can help me throughout my career as an educator. I believe that the most important part of my PLN is elaborating with my classmates who I have interacted with during EDM310. I continue to use my Twitter to meet and talk to educators that will help to instruct me by ideas they post. I will continue to use my PLN for my career and personnel life. It helps me organize tools and it helps make things easier as I learn the ins and outs of educating future students and myself!
Charlene's Mix of Symbaloo title=

C4T Post #4

Doc Horse Tales

         My C4T Post #4 Comment #1 was for Text Mentor Text Live Text post by Joseph McCaleb discusses how word association has changes over time. This actually makes me think of a popular country song by Tim McGraw "Back When". He discusses how "back when" text was associated with the bible, where as, now when someone say text we automatically think of cell phones and email. This also contributes to the thought of mentor text. The "old" thoughts would be to use a book. Now we can have a more up-to-date or "live" meaning. We can see the most recent thoughts of a specific topic at the click of a button. Technology can be incorporated in daily task throughout all subjects; Math, reading, science,etc. One of the examples he listed was that Ms. Nicholson a second grade teacher had students read "Charlotte's Web" and then had them develop a research project by using technology. They had to "write informative/explanatory texts in which they introduce a topic, use facts and definitions to develop points, and provide a concluding statement or section". So by using technology the students were able to learn a little more about technology, science, and writing/English. I can see where math could be incorporated in this lesson plan with different types of graphs or diagrams with information about spiders.
         My comment I left said,"Hi, My name is Charlene Wiggins and I am currently enrolled in EDM310 at University of South Alabama. I'm glad I received your blog to read over as an assignment because your post is so informative. I love the idea of Text and Mentor Text in everyday classrooms. I feel that the students will interact during class and learn more when teachers add different technology for projects in lectures. Thank You for the wonderful post I will definitely keep the ideas in mind when I become a teacher!" I was glad to see that he commented back to me! He said, "Thank you for the comment. Blogging into hyperspace (whatever that is) has a strange free-fall feel to it. While freedom and solitude have high value to me (and are perhaps undervalued in our teaching profession), the web also offers gives us a rather unique opportunity to network and to search out like-minded folks. Good luck with creating your professional learning network and please express my appreciation to your professor for encouraging this aspect of your career."
         My C4T #4 Comment #2 was for Main-Idea on Auto Pilot by Joseph McCaleb. This post describes how students that do not understand things automatically think that those topics are stupid. Those students need to be redirected by teachers so that they realize that the unfamiliar can actually be interesting. His example:
"Once Nasruddin was searching frantically around a light post. It was a dark and foggy night. A friend approached and helped him look, but after finding nothing Nasruddin’s co-laborer finally asks, “Are you sure this is where you lost it?” Nasruddin replies, “No, I’m sure it wasn't here, but this is where I can see best.”
His post goes on to discuss ways to teach students to find the light in the dark. In my eyes finding the light is much more important than automatically being in the light. Part of my comment said, " I just wanted to say this post really hits home. I for one was the student that would stay close to comfort. Now that I am in Dr. Stange's EDM 310 class I have realized how important it is to run from burp back education. The projects that I have learned to create this semester will be with me for the rest of my life. I'm sure the steps will change when technology gradually improves but for the most part I have a start. I could have learned these things on my own if I would had veered away from the "light" and accepted new information before taking this class but because humans natural instinct is comfort I never looked much farther into what I already knew. I plan to teach my students this exact concept of looking for a new pattern to learn. As for myself I love to learn so I will continue using this concept in my everyday activities." I feel that Doc Horse Tales has many important information that teachers can use and I plan to follow him on Twitter so that I can keep myself updated with his thoughts that most people don't think about!

Special Assignment #2

I actually included both parts in my Blog Post #13 I just wanted to make sure that I added a little bit about Boozeman Science page. When looking over his page he has everything organized on the left side. The one option that really caught my eye was his journals and videos. Within his journals he has a variety of accomplishments that he has completed or he is working on. Under supporters he has who has helped him listed. (I think its a good idea to try and find them on Twitter and follow them.) He also has his videos listed. Yes he may be a high school teacher but he has a lot to offer to all ages. Next Generation Science Standards video shows how all science classes (or all classes) should be broke down to Practices, Concepts and Ideas. He explains topics well and teachers should definitely add him to their PLN. He has many good ideas to offer!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Blog Post #13

Blended Learning Cycle

Bozeman Science teacher discusses a wonderful way of teaching by using the Blended Learning cycles. His first step is The Question. The Question should be the hook that grabs the students attention. Once you have the students attention then allow them to investigate. Have them find answers or come up with some sort of hypothesis. then he uses video for the actual class lecture. By doing this it helps him have more time for class discussion. The students can watch the videos at any time and as many times as needed to gather information. Once the students have watched the videos then the teacher can elaborate with them. The student scan help the teacher make graphs and diagrams to explain what is happening. His next step is to review. He has small study groups, after he asks all groups questions and is sure they understand the content then they are allowed to take the summary test. the summary quiz is when the students discuss in details what they have learned throughout the lesson. After they have completed all of his steps to QUIVERS they are allowed to take the paper test. I feel that using these steps can open class time up for more discussion and hands on activities. I believe that this can help the students venture away from burp back education and actually gain the knowledge that is there for them to learn.

Back to the Future

Back To The Future

Brian Crosby is a fourth grade teacher in a low income society. Students that are in his class are living in poverty and they are not taught basics at home such as addresses, phone numbers or even what country they live in. He uses technology in his class and has his students interact with people around the world. He discusses how students need to think out of the box. The children use many applications to share information that they are learning and information they are organizing. Some of the applications his students use are wiki, flickr, blogs, and skype. His students began to expand their personal learning networks by sharing their projects and blogs to people around the world. The point he is trying to make is to think outside the box and outside of the text books. Allow the students to benefit from the technology of today and teach them how to learn. In his video his students looked interested in what they were learning. The students were learning to learn as they took the information given and organized it in their own personal way by blogging. When students are able to learn the information on their own it gives them the chance of actually grasping the concepts.

Progress Report for Final Project

I am really excited about "JAM's" final project. It is coming along rather quickly. We have all recording completed. We also have the storyboard created. A few more changes and it will be complete. As a group I think we have done a good job with having an interesting story plot while discussing the key points as to how to "Stay Alive" in EDM-310. I feel that our Final Project is entertaining and beneficial for future EDM-310 students. STAY TUNED!!!!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Blog Post #12

4Teachers is a useful link that elementary teachers use. Go to this site and watch the first video Cyber Summit on 21st Century Skills and write a response of what the video was about and your opinion of the program. Browse the site. Also in your post include three tools you found on this website that will help you in your career as a teacher and explain what each tool could help with. Success Stories is a link listed on the 4Teachers site. Go to this link and choose one story from a teacher or a student and explain what was discussed in the testimony. Then be sure to look for teacher or student on Twitter and send them a thank you tweet for their testimony. Remember to save this to your PLN it can be very beneficial!

My Assignment
Cyber Summit on 21st Century Skills video makes a good point by discussing when adding technology teachers need to keep the ball rolling. I think this is important because if we have time for bumps in the road then that opens time for people to realize things are changing and lets face it change is intimidating. When working with younger students introducing them to new technology daily will help them become motivated. As the teacher, Kim Herron, says in the video "I don't think learning should be inside four walls and in one textbook." I stand by this one statement. This teacher allows her students to create a virtual museum to study about civilizations. The students were able to work together and learn new exciting things. Each student was given a specific task that suited them. This is almost like a field trip. Everything is hands on with the students completing the work so that the information sinks in and the cost is almost free!Technology also gives struggling students a new window to learning. It gives them advantages of collaborating with their classmates and working together. I love the thought of this. If only everyone could build from the positive factors of technology the world could be such a more productive and better place.
When looking over the site I actually created my own classroom (Of course for the free 30 day trial period). I included all of my children as my students, by doing so I have got to play teacher a little through online games with my children for homework. This site allows me to post their individual assignments in which they log in under their name to see and it keeps up with their progress. My Son has problems with spelling so I had him play some games for spelling. One of my favorites for spelling was Kitten Hop. The computer calls a word out and you have to select the ball that contains the correct letters to spell them. All of my children enjoyed Jet Ski typing, Jet Ski Race and Frogs. Jet Ski typing comes in handy especially with my second grader. They have changes their spelling test from paper to computer. I saw a tremendous drop in his grades when this happened because he was spending so much time looking for the right keys that he would forget what he was typing. He actually enjoys playing this game because he is competitive and it give you the option to play with children around the world while saving his progress.
4 Teachers Games Scores

Kathy Gathers testimony discusses different ways to teach children keyboarding techniques. She has started her first graders off with keyboarding by having them practice five minutes a day. I feel that this will help the children tremendously. It goes along with the video. Baby steps will keep the ball rolling but also have the students comfortable and not overwhelmed to learn. She uses a visual technique by having a picture of hands with the fingers numbered so that when a child gets frustrated she can easily say right finger number three to help them locate the keys. She list many sites and tools elementary teachers would value for daily routines. She will definitely be added to my Twitter Account! Unfortunately the only aspect that I didn't like about this site is that the last time it was updated was in 2001. The sites and testimonies are beneficial but so many things have changes since then.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

C4T Post #3

Scott Mcleod's Dangerously Irrelevant

         My C4T Post #3 Comment #1 was for Scott Mcleod. In his post he refers to Mimi Ito's thoughts of how parents have negative views on internet learning and how children have positive views on it. She also says that younger people use this not only for learning but also for their social lives. As far as them using it for education the internet is a better choice for anyone because of the convenience.
         My thoughts on this situation is simple. Times have changed we need to make some changes also. We should learn to bridge the gap between older and younger generations. We should take advantage of the convenience the internet has to offer. We shouldn't turn our heads on better ideas. Lets face it using the technology lately just means less work. Why not make it easier on ourselves?
         My C4T Post #3 Comment #2 was also for Scott Mcleod. In his latest post he uses Quirky kids, Frisbee, and dead fish slides to help show how schools are continuing "burp back education". Quirky Kids uses sarcasm while showing how standardization has deleted creativity. Frisbee slide simply says, " being good at school is a little like being good at Frisbee, It's nice but it's not relevant." Dead Fish slide shows how schools are only stuffing kids with information.
         When I read these three slides I have to say I laughed out loud. Yes, they are funny but they are sad because it's true. As a teacher I plan to of course go by state curriculum because it's my job but it's also my job to introduce my students to new things and to make school interesting. I believe I can accomplish this by spending time on planning new and exciting ways for my students to learn.
Schools have been sterilized slide