Sunday, January 27, 2013

Blog Post #2

Did You Know

          Did You Know? Dr.Strange's version and Karl Fisch and Scott McLeod's version were both eye openers. These videos were full of statistics that everyone in the U.S. should be aware of! We the teachers and future teachers really need to pass this down to our students, parents, friends, and family. Videos like these could be the motivation for our country to get up and learn something new!

Did You Know

          To think that “China will soon become the number one English speaking country in the world” frightens me. It’s outrageous to think that Chinese will know our language better than we do and it’s their second language. It frightens me to know the “Twenty-Five percent of India’s population with the highest IQ’s is greater than the total population of the U.S.” It is clear that the U.S. is so far behind in a lot of things but most importantly in technology. From these two videos we learn that technology is changing rapidly. Will we ever be able to catch up? We have to learn to teach ourselves. Technology is changing instantly and just to be able to keep up with today we need to constantly update ourselves with reality! After all “we are living in exponential times.”

Mr. Winkle Wakes

Mr.Winkle Wakes

         The picture that Mr. Winkle presents in the videoMr. Winkle Wakes shows that transformation is inevitable. As Mr. Winkle walks through the updated buildings he finds that things run differently. Everything is set up by different types of technology. All the businesses and Hospitals take full advantage of allowing the computers to do the work. The School on the other hand has the unused computer in the back of the room. What does this say about education?

         I believe that if teachers would use technology in everyday lectures the students would be more prone to have the initiative to learn more about computers. If it were required for students to start learning not only the basics but more advanced information about computers in elementary school it wouldn’t be as hard of transitions for them as technology rapidly changes. The more education we offer to our students about technology the better off we will be in the future! Ready or not technology is coming.

Sir Ken Robinson

         In the lecture presented by Sir Ken Robinson creates a dilemma of how teachers are required to teach. Teachers are expected to teach by the guidelines of the state. Yes teachers are allowed to come up with lesson plans that suite what they desire but they have to mold it around the basic subjects. Sir Ken Robinson tries to explain how all children are different and they learn differently. He explains that creativity is becoming extinct and with this thought children will begin to be afraid to be themselves because being diverse is not accepted.

         I completely agree with Sir Ken Robinson. My son learns differently than anyone I have ever seen and if I didn’t come up with new ways for him to see things he will stay in the second grade forever! I believe teachers should encourage children to have opinions and to do things the way they feel comfortable in doing them, whether it is with music, art, or even computers for that matter. Suppression of young children’s ideas and dreams can cause them lifetime monotony. If we the teachers’ can transition our teaching to fit the students that step foot in our door and learn to know the difference between each individual make-up we can excel in teaching. Creativity is the key. Think outside the box!

Creative Images


         Pinterst is an amazing website! A simple click of a button will show you unique ideas from teachers around the world. I will definitely use many ideas from this site. Pinterest is a good tool to use throughout your classroom. I would follow current teachers’ boards. You can use Pinterst for decorating, organizing, and lesson plans.

          When looking through for new decorations there were so many boards that you can follow. Many times teachers post amazing ideas they have used in their classrooms from decorating doors, bulletins, or decorations and art projects for different lesson plans. There are many pins used for organization that will be crucial to my classroom! I would also like to show this site to my students. This would be a great way for them to see new ideas and also learn that they also can post their ideas for teachers to use. I feel that this website has a lot to offer and it’s even better because you and your students contribute to everyone using it.


  1. " in everyday lectures the students would be more prone to have the initiative to learn more about computers." You question the willingness (and ability) of kids to learn to use computers. I do not think that is a problem at all. Your emphasis on lectures is also fascinating to me. Do we need lectures to learn anymore?

    I think you misunderstood the comparative data on China, India and the United States. India has four times the population of the United States and China has five times the population of America, This means that the size of the population leads to the large numbers of "honor students" or English speakers when India or China are compared to the United States. You could also say that the 20 % of the population in China with the largest ears (or 25% of the population with the largest ears in India) outnumbers all of the people with ears of any size in the United States.


  2. Hey Charlene, I really liked your blog post. I completely agree with your opinion that creativity is key. Your post was very well written and you used very good grammar.