Thursday, February 7, 2013

Blog Post #4


          Langwitches gives an example of how to create a working podcast. The podcast shown has the students reading "Dinosaurs Before Dark". While recording you can hear the excitement and enthusiasm in their voices. The students are shown following along with the recording which shows they are interested. Not only were they paying attention to the reading of the scripts but was also paying attention to the way their voices sounded on the recordings.
dinosaurs in the dark

          I think that having students create podcast together gives them a window of creativity. They can chose how dramatic the "actor/actress" is and become that person. All students work at a different pace in reading so to have the students interact with the rest of the class as a team is an improvement for the subject. I would love to have my students create pod casts.I believe that allowing students at a young age begin with podcast is a great way to introduce them to technology.

Pod Casting with a First Grader

          The impact of the second grade students made the first graders want to create their very own podcast. The interaction of the world made an impression on them and made them want relate to the same experiences. While recording, the first graders sat back and waited their turn and was interested in everyone else's role. The podcast gives the students a chance to think about what is being read. Comprehension is a big deal for first graders.

         I think that the skills the pod cast offer is beneficial. It really makes me happy to see students excited to learn. This also gives them a chance to interact with children all over the world. I wish that I had something like this when I was in first grade. I plan to try and use this in my future classroom and I plan to bring it up to my son's teacher since it would be beneficial for their age group.

Flat Stanley

         Flat Stanley interested me because my son just received a paper for him to create his own flat Christian. The students learn a lot when reading the notes and letters sent back from family and friends. This assignments allows the students to see the differences and similarities of living conditions relatives have from us. When students complete a flat Stanley online it not only allows them to see the U.S. but different countries. This project gives them a better understanding in geography also by looking up where the people are from.
flat stanley

          This is such a neat idea for students to do especially for children that are young. When young children realize that "home" is so small compared to the rest of the world they take notice that their options are unlimited! I would love to use this project in my classroom one day. I am interested to see the response we receive for my son's project I could only imagine the possibilities for twenty or more students!


  1. "I would love to have my students create pod casts.I ..." Do it! Also put a space before the I which starts a new sentence.

    "...young age begin with podcast is..." You need to before begin and a before podcast.

    " Comprehension is a big deal for first graders. " For everybody!

    "...skills the pod cast offer is beneficial...." Corrected: ...skills the podcast offers are beneficial...

    Thoughtful. Interesting.

  2. Your blog post was very interesting and well written. on your section about Flat Stanley, you made me see aspects of the project I had not previously thought about. Thanks! I also hope your son's Flat Christian project goes very well.