Wednesday, February 6, 2013

C4T Post #1

          Scott Mcleod's blog is up to date and ready for debate. One blog that he shared was the future of MOOCs, Massively open online courses. Dangerously Irrelevant discussed that these courses will take over universities because they are more convenient and less costly. The colleges that are able to stay open will charge students even more for tuition because less students would attend these schools. The article also suggest that while the schools slowly close they should offer extra testing facilities to provide for the students attending MOOC's. This article should make people aware of the changes that is happening before our eyes. Will we be teaching ourselves through online courses?
          Mcleod posted two videos that presented the difference in teaching today with the way students were taught in past years. Technology is on a rise. and jobs that will be offered in years to come are still in the air so how can we prepare our students for these jobs? Community Involvement and Students Approach is a good way to look at how teachers should handle the transformations that is happening before us. Community Involvement is a simple way in which the teachers of this particular community give the students a chance to give back to the people in their town. Students were able to build and make projects on their own which gave them a chance to learn the task by experience. The second video goes into detail of how teachers should let the students be creative and design projects from scratch. The men allowed the students to design their own website. Each website had interesting ideas that adults get paid for!

          I believe that both post were amazing insights as to what to expect in the future. when thinking of MOOC's I think that people will decide that they are not the best idea. Which in turn will open schools back up. I hope that these ideas don't trickle down to the elementary schools as does other ideas because what would the teachers jobs be. Would there be any jobs left? I like the thought of being able to take the classes online at a cheaper price but what is the long term effects? Are they really worth it?

          On the next blog with the students taking control I believe this has got to be the best idea yet. What better to do than to allow the students think for themselves with a little help and direction from the teacher. There is no limit as to what the students have to offer. As a teacher we should always be open to new ideas because the more creative we get the more room the students have to grow.

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