Monday, April 22, 2013

C4T Post #4

Doc Horse Tales

         My C4T Post #4 Comment #1 was for Text Mentor Text Live Text post by Joseph McCaleb discusses how word association has changes over time. This actually makes me think of a popular country song by Tim McGraw "Back When". He discusses how "back when" text was associated with the bible, where as, now when someone say text we automatically think of cell phones and email. This also contributes to the thought of mentor text. The "old" thoughts would be to use a book. Now we can have a more up-to-date or "live" meaning. We can see the most recent thoughts of a specific topic at the click of a button. Technology can be incorporated in daily task throughout all subjects; Math, reading, science,etc. One of the examples he listed was that Ms. Nicholson a second grade teacher had students read "Charlotte's Web" and then had them develop a research project by using technology. They had to "write informative/explanatory texts in which they introduce a topic, use facts and definitions to develop points, and provide a concluding statement or section". So by using technology the students were able to learn a little more about technology, science, and writing/English. I can see where math could be incorporated in this lesson plan with different types of graphs or diagrams with information about spiders.
         My comment I left said,"Hi, My name is Charlene Wiggins and I am currently enrolled in EDM310 at University of South Alabama. I'm glad I received your blog to read over as an assignment because your post is so informative. I love the idea of Text and Mentor Text in everyday classrooms. I feel that the students will interact during class and learn more when teachers add different technology for projects in lectures. Thank You for the wonderful post I will definitely keep the ideas in mind when I become a teacher!" I was glad to see that he commented back to me! He said, "Thank you for the comment. Blogging into hyperspace (whatever that is) has a strange free-fall feel to it. While freedom and solitude have high value to me (and are perhaps undervalued in our teaching profession), the web also offers gives us a rather unique opportunity to network and to search out like-minded folks. Good luck with creating your professional learning network and please express my appreciation to your professor for encouraging this aspect of your career."
         My C4T #4 Comment #2 was for Main-Idea on Auto Pilot by Joseph McCaleb. This post describes how students that do not understand things automatically think that those topics are stupid. Those students need to be redirected by teachers so that they realize that the unfamiliar can actually be interesting. His example:
"Once Nasruddin was searching frantically around a light post. It was a dark and foggy night. A friend approached and helped him look, but after finding nothing Nasruddin’s co-laborer finally asks, “Are you sure this is where you lost it?” Nasruddin replies, “No, I’m sure it wasn't here, but this is where I can see best.”
His post goes on to discuss ways to teach students to find the light in the dark. In my eyes finding the light is much more important than automatically being in the light. Part of my comment said, " I just wanted to say this post really hits home. I for one was the student that would stay close to comfort. Now that I am in Dr. Stange's EDM 310 class I have realized how important it is to run from burp back education. The projects that I have learned to create this semester will be with me for the rest of my life. I'm sure the steps will change when technology gradually improves but for the most part I have a start. I could have learned these things on my own if I would had veered away from the "light" and accepted new information before taking this class but because humans natural instinct is comfort I never looked much farther into what I already knew. I plan to teach my students this exact concept of looking for a new pattern to learn. As for myself I love to learn so I will continue using this concept in my everyday activities." I feel that Doc Horse Tales has many important information that teachers can use and I plan to follow him on Twitter so that I can keep myself updated with his thoughts that most people don't think about!

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