Tuesday, April 23, 2013

C4K Summary for April

Mackenzie G.

         My eighth C4K was for Mackenzie, an eighth grade student from Iowa in Mr. Boylen's Language Arts class. In her latest blog she had to summarize "The Fault In Our Stars" by John Green. She tells that this novel is about a young girl going through stage 4 thyroid cancer. Her parents make her go through therapy in which she me3ets new people and one person by the name Augustus Waters catches her eyes.
         I enjoyed reading Mackenzie's short summary and she has left me wanting to read this book! In my comment I made sure to tell her that she did a great job in telling about the book but not giving away to much detail. By doing this she has made the book appealing to me and I'm sure many others!


         My ninth C4K was for Brayden, a sixth grade student in Mr.Chamberlain's class. In his latest post he wrote a creative story of how Mr.Chamberlain did not go to an education convention, instead, he went to the Caribbean Islands on a cruise with his wife and four kids! In his story Mr. Chamberlain returns to his "fat boy recliner" where he stays watching t.v. and eats until he gaines four pounds.
When leaving my comment I told him that I loved the masked humor of how his teacher "plops down" to eat Twix ice cream while watching House after a vacation in the Caribbean Islands! I also added that I bet Mr. Chamberlain was probably happy to back to his normal life in his lazy boy instead of being stuck in a small crowded cabin with six family members! Then I asked him where would you like to go on your vacation?

Jess's Joyful Blog

          My tenth C4K was for Jess, a student in 4km from Leopold Australia. The two latest post on her blog went together as a guessing game. The first post was about her new idea of taking a picture of a famous person and then distorting the image to where it has a different look. Then she has viewers guess as to who the famous person is. The second post of course list who the person is and gives the name of the person who guessed correctly. She also asked for viewers opinions of her new ides. I left a comment on the most recent post and told her I loved her idea. I noticed she likes playing the guitar so I asked her if she could use the same concept and distort the sound of her guitar and have people guess what song it was. I hope to see her reply because I would love to hear her play!

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