Friday, April 19, 2013

Blog Post #13

Blended Learning Cycle

Bozeman Science teacher discusses a wonderful way of teaching by using the Blended Learning cycles. His first step is The Question. The Question should be the hook that grabs the students attention. Once you have the students attention then allow them to investigate. Have them find answers or come up with some sort of hypothesis. then he uses video for the actual class lecture. By doing this it helps him have more time for class discussion. The students can watch the videos at any time and as many times as needed to gather information. Once the students have watched the videos then the teacher can elaborate with them. The student scan help the teacher make graphs and diagrams to explain what is happening. His next step is to review. He has small study groups, after he asks all groups questions and is sure they understand the content then they are allowed to take the summary test. the summary quiz is when the students discuss in details what they have learned throughout the lesson. After they have completed all of his steps to QUIVERS they are allowed to take the paper test. I feel that using these steps can open class time up for more discussion and hands on activities. I believe that this can help the students venture away from burp back education and actually gain the knowledge that is there for them to learn.

Back to the Future

Back To The Future

Brian Crosby is a fourth grade teacher in a low income society. Students that are in his class are living in poverty and they are not taught basics at home such as addresses, phone numbers or even what country they live in. He uses technology in his class and has his students interact with people around the world. He discusses how students need to think out of the box. The children use many applications to share information that they are learning and information they are organizing. Some of the applications his students use are wiki, flickr, blogs, and skype. His students began to expand their personal learning networks by sharing their projects and blogs to people around the world. The point he is trying to make is to think outside the box and outside of the text books. Allow the students to benefit from the technology of today and teach them how to learn. In his video his students looked interested in what they were learning. The students were learning to learn as they took the information given and organized it in their own personal way by blogging. When students are able to learn the information on their own it gives them the chance of actually grasping the concepts.

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