Monday, April 22, 2013

Special Assignment #2

I actually included both parts in my Blog Post #13 I just wanted to make sure that I added a little bit about Boozeman Science page. When looking over his page he has everything organized on the left side. The one option that really caught my eye was his journals and videos. Within his journals he has a variety of accomplishments that he has completed or he is working on. Under supporters he has who has helped him listed. (I think its a good idea to try and find them on Twitter and follow them.) He also has his videos listed. Yes he may be a high school teacher but he has a lot to offer to all ages. Next Generation Science Standards video shows how all science classes (or all classes) should be broke down to Practices, Concepts and Ideas. He explains topics well and teachers should definitely add him to their PLN. He has many good ideas to offer!

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