Saturday, March 23, 2013

Blog Post #10

Pencil Integration

Adventures in Pencil Integration It is clear that he is using pencils to resemble the "I'm a Mac, I'm a P.C." commercial. It's obvious that the Ticonderoga is suppose to be the number one pencil and paper mate is suppose to be the cheaper made pencil. So this cartoon is saying that the cheaper made PC is more likely to break down. The Mac is more expensive and only the "HIP" people buy these computers. I feel that at the end both pencils will get the job done. I agree that the Mac is more expensive and they offer more but I have to say I am happy with my cheap PC. It has served its purpose and will continue to until it "breaks."

"Why Were Your Kids playing Games?" is where a teacher and principal were fussing between memorization and keeping students engaged. The principal continues to shoot the teacher's ideas down that helps gain the attention of the students. The teacher continues to defend himself with why he is using drawing and games to help students understand what they are reading. The irony of the principal saying no to this idea is that he makes sure to say that he has an "Open Door Policy." To me I would think that this could also mean that he is open to new ideas. Unfortunately he would rather stick to "burp-back" education instead of the students actually learning the topics being discussed by using interesting games.

"Don't Teach Your Kids This Stuff, Please" is someone looking down on technology and list the downfalls that could happen but whats the odds? Really? ...teach them the appropriate way to technology and then they will lead the way .This post reeks of sarcasm but definitely gets the point across. If parents are so concerned with whats on the internet then they should try and find out what is out there. Many people kick new things before they try it. There are upgrades in technology daily. So within a week who can say that it is really all that new. If more people would try and keep up with the changes then they will discover that technology is only here to help. If it can benefit us, why not use it? We shouldn't hold our children back now, now is the time to allow them to explore with new advances as much as possible. It will be beneficial in the long run!

I have been assigned to post on Scott McLeod's Dangerously Irrelevant two separate times now. Just by looking over his blog it is very clear that he stands behind technology in education. After looking for a little more information I found that he is currently on leave from University of Kentucky. He is the founding director of CASTLE. CASTLE stands for Center for the advanced study of Technology Leadership in Education. CASTLE is dedicated to schools administrators technology needs. Scott McLeod tries to spread his thoughts on technology issues daily through his blog Dangerously Irrelevant.


  1. You got them both: metaphor and sarcasm. Well done.

  2. great job! I enjoyed reading your post! My post sounded very similar so I agree with pretty much everything you said! I didnt see any mistakes so good job! Kepp up the great work!