Sunday, March 3, 2013

C4T Post #2

Reaching Out to the Community

         Ms. Lara Bishop's blog told of how her pre-k students helped reach out to the community for the holidays. The four year old's families contributed food for families in need. She discusses how this project is good way to teach the students compassion and to be considerate of one another.
         When reading this I felt that more teachers need to focus on aspects like this. I told Ms. Lara how proud I was of her students for reaching out to the community and I plan to accomplish this within my classroom one day.

Dr. Strange I Owe It To You

         When going back to "The Jungle's" page I realized Ms.Lara must be busy with her pre-K students since there were no updates so I chose a post instead. In I owe it to you, She explains how she learned new teaching techniques from Dr.Strange that she would have never thought of. She also explained how she has introduced her pre-K students to computers. I feel this will be so beneficial to them in the long haul. The earlier we can teach them the easier it will be for them to make transitions through new technology.
         Her class is truly an inspiration to me! I look forward to using the tools Dr. Strange has introduced me to, to find my own ways in teaching my classroom like Ms. Lara has done.

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