Sunday, March 31, 2013

C4K Summary for March


         My fifth C4K was for Celicia, a fifth grade student in Mrs Goerends class. She had to write how her life would be different without the first amendment. She tells how the first amendment makes it OK for her to have a freedom of speech, religion, assembly, and press. Celicia shows that this important to her because she can be friends with everybody.
         When commenting on her post I told her its great that she appreciates diversity. I then asked her to think how much different her life would be without it. I also asked her how would she feel if her freedom was taken away from her would she stand for her country. Bill of Rights

         My sixth C4K was for Jack, a seventh grade student in Ms. Lentine's class. He told how he believed William Kamkwamba was successful in his first attempt in his homemade windmill that produces energy because he was able to create energy. I believe he has made an adequate observation, although I believe he may have misread his assignment. I believe the teacher wanted him to see that it was experimentation that made this possible so I made sure to include in my comment that Kamkwamba was successful but I'm sure he made many attempts before coming to his final product. He also believes that one way to make school better is to allow everyone free time during the day for fun and games to help relax. He feels that telling his teacher will help broadcast his idea. I believe telling his teacher is a good idea but I also told him he should benefit from technology and use his blog to spread his ideas around the world. I also told him that fun time is good time but we can also learn while having fun. I then asked him to give some exciting games that could be useful during class time

         My seventh C4K was for Isara, a seventh grade student in Miss. King's class from Pt England School, Auckland N.Z. In Isara's latest blog she gives her opinions on why we have Easter Eggs. She tells of how she thinks eggs are a a good symbol of life since hens and lizards lay eggs and this gives new life. I was sure to tell her that I believe she is on the right track and she has a good idea as to why we use eggs for Easter. I also challenged her with the question, What other items could we use for Easter that could possibly resemble some of the same things.

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