Sunday, March 10, 2013

Blog Post #8

How We Dream

         In "How We Dream Part I", Miller tells of the incremental changes of going from pencil and paper to using laptops. He discusses how our work space is now on the desktop of our computers and with a simple click of a button we can open research from around the world. When writing with media people can now work together over a network to create print, sound and visual documents without ever meeting in person.
         I often use the information presented in "How We Dream" on a daily basis. I can't think of the last time I actually stepped foot into a library to research a topic from reference books. Media makes research much easier and convenient than before. This video also made me realize how much I rely on my laptop over pencil and paper. It is so much easier to use Google docs for projects being made by more than one person. I no longer have to stress about meeting times or places.
         In "How We Dream Part II", Miller tells of how fundamental changes happen before our eyes. He believes that by using social media our culture will be more accepting to new ideas. As educators we should be open to share our knowledge and ideas with others around the world. The information we submit to the web will last longer than the information in books because people will do away with books when the web is ever going.
         I believe that in a simple way we can think of social media as our way to contributing to our future. The more information that we can share with others the more education we can spread. I know that for me teaching someone something new is the most important reward at the end of the day. I believe that if you can see what the happiest city in the world is at any given time then anything is possible. Just take the time to seek the endless opportunities social media has to offer.

Carly Pugh's Blogpost 12
         Carly hit the nail right on the head when creating her assignment. Reading and watching her you tube playlist I realized exactly what Miller meant by his hopes of writing with social media. Each and every one of her example videos were entertaining and educating. She demonstrated social media by including print with videos throughout her post. I enjoyed watching The Crazy Ones, Creativity, grease spot and Six Questions

Chipper and EDM for Dummies          Chipper is obviously in denial. This video shows what the average person accomplishes in EDM as far as deadlines go but it also shows how the average person will only get out what they put into the course. The more time a student prepares for the class the more the student will learn or educate themselves. If students could really buy the EDM for Dummies they would realize that the key to EDM is to learn to learn. Once a student is able to tackle this concept the rest of the assignments are easy. Yes they are time consuming but in the end the students learns more from doing it on his or her own than to just burp back the information given. I think for this class I could or would like to help other students with time management. Time management plays a big role in being able to teach yourself online since it is so easy to get side tracked!

Learn To Change, Change To Learn
         I understand the fact that classrooms of the past were set up to resemble the average factory but what is mind boggling is the fact that classrooms are still set up this way. We are now in the twenty first century we as teachers must incorporate the technology at hand instead of the situations of the past. I phones and I pads should be allowed in school. Children should broaden their knowledge with technology by using their everyday gadgets. Teachers should realize that the times have changed so our educating techniques need to change also. Teachers should allow students to explore the possibilities with new web tools.

Scavenger Hunt, Web 2.0 and Web 2.0 Tools

My Edmodo is much like Facebook. Its a social network site that allows teachers to easy access to parent communication, teacher communication and told to use within class time. I classified myself as a teacher when I created my profile. In doing so I was able to open numerous ideas I can use once I am a teacher. I will definitely use this tool in the future!!!

Poll Everywhere allowed me to create my own poll. After experimenting with the tabs on this site I realized I was able to add any question to my poll I wanted. Once you decide on your question you can chose an open ended answer or a multiple choice answer. If choosing a multiple choice question, you can add pictures to the answers for your poll. As a teacher I could use the feedback from this tool to help me prepare for my students.

Pixton is a cool way to make comic strips. When creating the comic strip you can choose from eight different types of comics. The next step is to create your comic and this site makes this simple. You then publish your work. I believe this would be a helpful tool in a classroom to get the attention of students. This could be an extra way to get the point across. pixton


  1. Hey Charlene,
    You did a great job with this blog post. I made an Edmodo account also. I think it could be very helpful to teachers who use it. I thought Carly Pugh's blog post #12 was interesting too! Hope you enjoyed your spring break.

    Hannah Dickerson

  2. "...but what is mind boggling is the fact that classrooms are still set up this way. " But it makes Mr. Winkle happy!

    Thoughtful. Interesting.

  3. Yes Mr. Winkle is happy but he is stuck in the past from being asleep for years. So what does this say about teachers or even adults that refuse to incorporate technology in daily routines? They have been asleep or they cant accept change? I'm not saying that old techniques doesn't work, I'm just saying we all need to open our choices up to new options with technology.