Sunday, March 3, 2013

C4K Summary for February

Graham's Blog

          My first C4K was for Graham, a ninth grade history student. He talked of the differences that could have been made during World War One if they had modern hospitals at the time. He used humor throughout his blog since it was suppose to be a comical blog post.
          My comment included that I enjoyed reading his comment about modern hospitals in WWI. I have never heard of the disease Dysentery and now since reading his post and researching I completely understand his humorous comment of “more men wouldn't be caught with their pants down”. I told him that I believe his post was not only informative but interesting and to keep up the good work!Graham's Blog

Trent W's blog

          My second C4K was for Trent W., a second grade Canadian student from Mrs. Balestin's class. He wrote about his exciting experience playing hockey. When commenting to Trent I congratulated him on his win. I also asked him what other sports he plays. Trent's Blog

Ms. She's Class blog

         My third C4K was for Ms. She's Room 6 in Pt England. First I wished all the students a good school year on the class blog then I commented on Pare's Blog and Paiheretia's blog. On Pare's blog I told her that I was also starting a new class which was EDM 310. I told her I hope she has a wonderful time in room 6. On Paiheretia's blog I noticed that her parent had commented on how good she was doing in reading so I congratulated her in her accomplishments and that I have a daughter the same age as her so I know how hard shes working. Little voices

Labron's Blog

          My fourth C4K was for Labron, a tenth grade English student from Bay Minette. He didn't have his assignment listed but after looking on other blogs I realized he had to list ten lies told to him in high school. I didn't agree with some of the things listed. Instead of being negative I just reminded him teachers are trying to change the world one step at a time. His coach wasn't lying when saying his ball team will win state championship but rather he was trying to show the team he believed in them. Labaron's blog

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