Sunday, March 3, 2013

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Randy Pausch's last lecture

         Randy Pausch was a family man. His lectures was one way he could teach his kids even after he was gone. In the Last Lecture Randy Pausch discussed different approaches one can take throughout life. I believe the three main topics he tried to cover was childhood dreams, empowering others dreams, and lessons learned.
         Pausch begins his lecture with how important dreams are to young children and their future. As educators we must realize how significant a child's dreams are to them. Teachers can help encourage students branch off of their dreams and make even bigger ones. He tells how we should always show students we believe in them but not to expect too much because that could be detrimental, Instead give them motivation to better themselves.Randy Pausch and family
         There are many ways teachers can inspire the students to dream big. Some of the ways he discussed was to teach values to everyone. Students need to know to be honest, sincere, and noble. I think that teachers should focus on this daily. Some students look to them because their home lacks these values. Also students should know how to take criticism. Constructive criticism should only make a student better not worse. So showing these students how to make themselves better can help them accomplish their dreams.
         He spoke of how road blocks are not there to keep us out but to make us work harder. Living life we realize disasters happen but its then we realize how strong we are. He also talks about students hitting a brick wall. This wall is eh end for the ones who don't try hard enough.As teachers we all want our students to succeed so we have to destroy the walls built so the students can have vast dreams.
         Watching his video made me appreciate the time I have on Earth. He is an exceptional motivational speaker. I always want to be the best I can be but now I want to try even harder!

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  1. The reason we include this video is to inspire you to bust through those brick walls, to raise the bars, to execute effective head fakes and much more. I hope you will do these things when you are a teacher.

    Keep on learning!